Digitization & Content Conversion

The world moves to an increasingly digital approach to accessing information, how do you keep up with the demand for your content across formats and platforms? Let ESSEL help you convert legacy content into new digital formats. With more than a decade of experience in content management and production services, ESSEL has the knowledge and expertise to help you deliver high quality new or repurposed content in multiple formats.

ESSEL’s Flexible and Versatile Approach to Content Conversion:

  • Your content can start in any format. We use the optimal mix of OCR, automated data capture and double-key data entry to achieve accuracy rates as high as 99.995%.
  • Your content is accurately converted from any source, including books, photos, forms, periodicals, and image files.
  • Your content will be delivered in any format you require, including XML, HTML, PDF, ePub, Frame Maker and industry standard database formats.

How It Works